How can I manage my current orders?

You can access your orders directly from your dashboard. You also can go to My Account > Orders and then search or browse for your orders.

How do I order a product?

Once you have a registered account with TISHOPS, you can add items to your cart by entering a quantity and clicking the Add button associated with the product. To create a reseller account with TISHOPS, see Become a Reseller.

Can I place an order on hold?

Yes. To place an order on hold, click Hold Order on the Review and Submit page. On-hold orders will be displayed with an “On Hold” status in the order summary screen. You will be informed of the date when the hold will expire. You must submit, modify, or cancel the order before that date or it will be automatically voided. LTL items can not be placed on hold.

Can I reorder a past order?

Yes. Go to My Orders and then search or browse for the record you want to reorder. Then select the Add Contents to Cart order button on the Order Details page. From the dropdown menu, select an existing cart or create a new one. 

Browser Support

What web browsers does the site support?

Ingram Micro supports the current version of the following browsers plus one version back: Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Safari.


I forgot my password. How can I log in?

If you forget your password, follow this simple process to receive a temporary password:

  • Go to the TISHOPS Log-in page and click Forgotten Your Password?
  • Enter your username and email address; then click OK.
  • A confirmation pop-up window will appear, and you will receive an immediate email notification with a temporary password that you will need to update when you log in.

If you have any questions, please contact your company’s Account Administrator or TISHOPS Customer Support at 619-259-2215  [email protected] (Monday through Friday)

Are there a minimum number of password characters required?

Passwords must contain a minimum of 6 characters and must include at least three of the following four items: Number 0-9; Lowercase character (a through z); Uppercase charecter (A through Z); Non-alphabetic character (for example !,$,#,%). It also cannot be a password used previously or contain your User ID.

I entered the necessary information. Why can’t I log in?

There are a number of reasons why this may be happening:

  • Your account might not have been approved yet by your account administrator.
  • An incorrect combination of username/password was entered.
  • Too many incorrect log-in attempts or expired credentials resulted in your account being locked.

If you have any questions, please contact your company’s Account Administrator or TISHOPS Customer Support at 619-259-2215  [email protected] (Monday through Friday)